Jodie Hergenhan

Commercial Administrator

Keshena Libbis joined the Ray White Commercial GC South team in early 2018 bringing with her over 15 years’ experience in the property industry administration, from House & Land construction, to engineering & architecture firms; and Residential Project Marketing. She has an abundance of knowledge and organisational skills that are imperative for her role as our Commercial Office Administrator.

Keshena is a critical member of our GC South team and highly valued by her team mates. We appreciate her attention to detail, willingness to assist in all areas required and strong leadership skills.

Outside of the corporate world Keshena enjoys spending time with her beautiful family, husband and kids. She is a fantastic mum and supportive friend.

Keshena has been a local on the Gold Coast her whole life and has enjoyed watching it develop and grow in to the amazing city it is today and all it has to offer.

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